The most delicious and well-prepared Teppanyaki cuisine served here at Benihana

Benihana Pattaya Restaurant

at AVANI Pattaya


Benihana is very well-known America’s first teppanyaki restaurant and nowadays were openly across the word. Also, there are 2 branches are in Bangkok and another one is located in Avani Pattaya Resort and Spa, a place that you can sit by the shore and get chilled .

This restaurant was decorated with deep red flower which is the meaning of the restaurant’s name

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cooked dishes by using an iron griddle for grilled or pan-fried because the word Teppan means metal plate and Yaki means grill or fry. In order to enjoy food experience from cooking show by an expertise and entertain chef, ringside table is the best seat.

Mr.  Sakda Rongkaso or knowning

as ‘Chef Shake ka‘,

who is very skillfulon cooking 


Besides normal cooking, to be part in with this cooking style experiment and more joyful, each of chef has his own entertain cooking talent through his gesture and joke. Therefor, this restaurant really suit for who want to have fun with their family and friends.

Astonishing by seeing teppanyaki fry style

Either assorted A-lar-carte or course menu can choose pork, chicken, fish or premium beef.

Imported premium A4 Australian beef ready to serve

Following by ‘Salad with ginger dressing’, fresh vegetable contrast with moist and spicy ginger dressing to stimulate appetite.

Salad serving with little spicy ginger

The opening dish is ‘an onion soup’ which not only tasty but also pleasing smell and sweetness from stock soup. For more extraordinary experience, chef adding fried onion while boiling.

Full-flavor onion soup

After the refreshing dishes, ‘Fried rice’ is the first menu of cooking show.

Smell buttery and garlic is perfectly cooked, not too dry, mix with salt, pepper and Shoyu, Japanese soy sauce.

Bouncing egg show

A delicate garlic butter fried rice

Second main dish is a set of grilled shrimp and stir-fry vegetable. Very bouncy seasoning with salt and black pepper to maintain the sweetness of shrimp.

Grilled shrimp with light pepper and salt

Rich sauce on sauter vegetable

The final special dish is ‘Finlet Mignon Beef Steak’. A premium shimofuri A4 imported from Australia. A meat was grilled on medium temperature maintaining juicy flavor. Only scatter salt and black pepper to enhance the flavor. Serve with special mustard sauce that smell like wasabi.

A premium A4 beef grilled on metal plate

Enjoyable of full-flavor sushi roll

Furthermore, sushi and maki roll also tasty, recommended menu is ‘Cream Cheese Maki Roll’ filled with a good combination of salmon, cream cheese and sweetness foie gras. Teriyaki dressing give more complex of flavor.

Here also have an outdoor cocktail bar and proficient bartender. ‘Benihana Punch’ is a signature drink menu, based with rum, sweeten by strawberry and peach scent and more sour flavor of lemonade and pineapple juice. Very delighted for the end of your day.

Refreshment Benihana Punch while walking by the beach

If you want to have new Japanese food experience,

visit at Benihana which located in front of Avani Pattaya,

open between 12pm to 12am. 

Also here available to reserved your table and your favorite chef.

For more information,

please contact 038-412-120.

VDO : Benihana at Avani Pattaya

Location: Benihana at Avani Pattaya